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My Story, My Life ... As you requested

Ok so I grew up on a farm, well, pretty much. There were horses, hills, beautiful views and most spectacularly, no one around. The only neighbor we had lived down the hill. In their converted barn mansion. It’s always been my dream to buy that house back, to reclaim the land. To earn enough money that I’d be able to just simply offer the current owners a lump sum of cash that they would accept, move out, and let me have what I have always felt, my home back.

My parents lost it when I was 11. They had to give up our beautiful home due to changes in the market in which my father worked. We downsized to the smallest place ever, and all 6 of us squeezed into a 3-bedroom house in the nearby village. Kids would shout ‘bankrupt’ at me in the park, and I didn’t even know what that meant.

Just for the record, my father never did go bankrupt, instead he liquidized his company to save us from that. My father is quite the character, I blame him for my wicked sense of humour and personality, charm, charisma….. entrepreneurial spirit… ok ok I’ll stop now but he was simply incredible in his work and fathering days.

Let me put it like this. There was so much land around us where we grew up, that he used to land his PLANE, in the field next to our house. Pick us up and go flying at weekend. He used to fly it low over the village, showing off to all of the villagers when we were playing out like kids.

He’d show off his sports cars and motorbikes and monster trucks at weekends or if he ever picked us up from the school run. My love of cars came from that, from him, driving me around on weekends saying, ‘isn’t this fun?’

His brother was always the funnier one, my uncle. Whenever he came round I ignored my dad like he wasn’t even important as my uncle simply out shined my father!

Moral of this story is that I grew up in a fairy tale, with a house and a pool, freedom to roam and 3 siblings to play about with. Leaving that to a polar opposite at a young age showed me both lives. In a way it made me think, although for as long as I could remember I wanted to own my own business, it made me think perhaps I do not, as I have seen what it can do to your family. Our family didn’t break down, just our quality of life because of money shortages and stress it caused to my parents working full time with 4 kids.

But in time, as I grew older, my dad rebuilt his career from scratch. I at a later age went to work for him and found myself completely inspired and motivated, thinking if my dad can do this… so can I. Thinking it was easy ha-ha.

I was performing at work and it wasn’t until my manager pushed me to take the leap going self employed. I had considered it for a while but without someone saying, it’s ok, go do it, I may have never taken that leap of faith. I handed in my notice, sat back down at my desk, and it honestly did feel, like I just jumped off a building and I was falling. Never has this metaphor felt so real. I had to learn how to fly, else I’m gunna hit that ground.

And guys, flying was easy. When you want something, and you’re chasing something you love, it comes so easy. You find a way. You also, don’t look back. Because you never want to go back. What you had before. I wanted new things, I wanted so much more and more money too.

I knew I was capable of more than 18K a year.

Growing up, I was a dancer, a singer and religiously put my friends through radio and home video shows. It’s all I ever did. I wrote songs, I never stopped performing. And now, I find myself working in events where I can perform. Enlighten customers, enthuse them, cheer them up, brighten their day. I can also do this when I live stream. Many people have said I have the ability to brighten their day, and this makes me so proud.

If I have a skill or a talent, I’d like that to be it. I want to lift people up; I want to help them live better lives. I do still write music; I do still perform as an actress and model. I think when something is just in your nature, and you love it. There’s nothing else you should chase.

I recently thought, my dream of owning my old house was just a dream, and I don’t have enough time to accumulate the figures that would be need to own back that house, or better yet, put a tempting offer in on a property that won’t be for sale for a long time. Why? Because they clearly love it. It’s a beautiful place.

I am allowed, however, to dream, and secretly silently work towards those dreams, no matter how big my end goal is. It’s important to have something that excites you, that really motivates you to go out there and achieve big, because where you’re at now, you’re unable to achieve those things.

For me, I think always hold your dreams close, and strive for them. Find your confidence, it’s your life. Your way. Don’t waste another second not doing something you don’t love. You have passions, you have something worth living for, trust me. The more time you think about it, answers just come and ideas. Don’t bat them down and think you’re not worthy for a better life.

You are, but you, are the only person who can make that happen,

Rosey. Follow me on all social media platforms. Rosey Rach.


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