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Fortune teller female hands and tarot ca

Tarot card reading is an ancient way to read someone's fortune. In this case; your past, present and future, all within the last and next six months. Sharing your fortune in an honest and positive light, they help guide you to your next steps in life. Whether you feel lost, confused, or want some clarification and guidance.

The Tarot Cards I use are from the druids, and are very in-depth. I have been reading tarot for 5 years now. I use my energy to connect with you and let the energy guide me to picking your cards for past, present and future. Each reading is £20.00. You will receive a detailed email reading of your fortune 24 hours after purchase. My name's Rachel and it's lovely to meet you. Feel free to email me and introduce yourself. If you're not already, follow me on social media. I would love to connect with you.

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